Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hello, World!

Welcome to AlienPeople!

We are three Developers working at the same software company in similar projects and with different technological background. We believe that we have some good knowledge to share with the Development Community. We know there's still a long way in our careers and a lot to learn, so we are going to document here the knowledge we already have and the knowledge we will acquire.

Our Scope

We have background in .Net and Java technologies, so we will focus more on these topics. However, we are going to talk about Design Patterns, Best Practices and Graphics Design, too.

Our Goal

We want to provide useful and practical tips that will help the developers on their daily challenges. But we also want to share some tools developed by ourselves that everybody can download for free and use frequently.

Our Language.

We will write this Blog in English, however our native language is Spanish. We took this decision because we want to improve our skills in English writing and because we consider that any developer should have good understanding of this language. On the other side, we know there is not too much information out there in Spanish; that's why we are going to try to translate some of our posts to Spanish, so non-English speakers can be benefit with our tips and tools.

So here we are. We hope you find this Blog useful.
Thanks for reading!

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